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Bentcousin Press release, 15th November, Prince Albert, Brighton. By Uncle Benton.

press release – for Prince Albert gig, 15 November

‘bencousin are unusual. The two lead singers, Whalesun
& Pat, (described by a Canadian music critic as ‘like Lee & Nancy
fronting the Velvet Underground’) are twins. Brother and sister with a decade
between them. Whalesun, the bossy older sister, born at 11.58pm on 31 December
1989 and Pat coming along 3 minutes later at 12.01am on January 1st 1990.

‘I think that’s part of the bentness’ says Whalesun in
her South Coast/South East London slur, ‘cause of the twin thing, me and Pat often
have shared dreams, we then exchange texts and the words and tunes fall from
that, but he’s defiantly more 90’s than me, I love all things 80‘s, its gully’.

The ‘bentness’ is how the cousins refer to the magic that
surrounds the band. Benton is the twins uncle, after an unfortunate incident at
the twins baptism, Benton missed the twins growing up. They were reacquainted
at the twins 18 birthday party, when he heard them sing the Human League on karaoke,
he said they had to form a band. Whalesun takes up again ‘without Benton,
bentcousin wouldn’t exist, he’s our driver, he has conversations with David
Bowie in his head, it was David who gave him the name for the band, he’s got a
heart of gold, and would give you his last fiver, if he ever had a fiver’ she
giggles. .

The band has been making significant waves in the
American bible belt over the last 6 months. Mainly playing to Mormon audiences,
the band have gained a healthy stateside following, described as ‘the best
British band since The Smiths’ by Utah’s Hot Wax. Whalesun explains, ‘it’s been
a trip in the States, but Brighton is special to us, some of us grew up here,
this is a homecoming. Our songs celebrate every aspect of life, the ups &
downs, the confusions and surprises, but to tunes people can dance too, dancing
is bentest thing us little humans ever get to do in public’ she laughs, a full
belly laugh this time. With Gilbert and George among their growing UK fan base bentcousin
are likely to be everywhere in 2012. Catch them while you can.

bentcousin play the Prince Albert, on 15 November.’      .


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