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Ground Floor Left: Art Gallery in the Grove

Whilst the people of Hackney and beyond flock to Tudor Grove for the wide variety of drug help the Elizabeth Fry Centre offers, for those of you who’ve kicked the habit, there may be something else more appealing then the golden brown.  From the outside, it just looks like any one of the warehouse-style buildings along the road but inside any number of things could be happening.  From fashion shows to private views to simulated animal surgery nights, Ground Floor Left is fairly open minded when it comes to using their space.

After moving into the space, the artists of Ground Floor Left spent months making it liveable, putting walls up, building bedrooms and a living area whilst creating a large exhibition space not only for the artists in residence to present their own works but also inviting other artists, film makers, designers and collectives to hire out the space for whatever reason they do so desire.

Filled with an eclectic mix of furniture, a chalkboard and a stuffed fox called Harriet, Ground Floor Left has enough character to set it apart from other galleries without being overwhelming.  Look out for the HUGE beautiful bath with little metal feet when you go to the loo!

Past events include: group shows, Nowhere Near; a true and candid portrayal of each individuals artistic exploration and discovery, and Under Grey Skies, a passionate and spirited finger up to the government arts cuts.  Art collectives involved with Ground Floor Left include The Robin Collective, who specialise in theatrical, interactive and edible installations, as well as Silently Revolting, the political party pioneers who chose Ground Floor Left to hold their super fun and super cheap Crisis A La Mode.

Frida Kahlo at Crisis A La Mode.  By Christa Holka.

Heads up: look out for the second Colour Space Exhibition by artist in residence, Josh Jeavons.

So whether you fancy yourself as something of an artistic big-shot, the next J-Lo or Average-Joe-with-a-big-idea, then it may do you some good to head down Hackney way and hire yourself a space to exhibit in.  And if you’re off your noggin, head to the drugs centre across the road, clean yourself up a bit and then pop in.  They are very nice and may make you a cuppa.
Ground Floor Left,
Enterprise House,
Tudor Grove,
E9 7QL



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