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So.  There’s November.

The first sign of Winter in Ireland, a time to celebrate the dead in Mexico and a chance for Fathers and husbands across England to put their DIY skills and green fingers to the making of the greatest firework show the street has ever seen.

Well it’s hard to miss when the shed catches alight and the cat goes yowling across the roof with singed whiskers.

And then there is Movember.

Nope not a typo, but the month in which men all over the world sprout moustaches in order to raise MOney (geddit) and awareness about men’s health and cancer that affects men.

Righto. The moustache.  Shall we talk about it?

No, don’t go cowering away in fear, hissing at the very prospect of the hair that haunts a man’s lip…COME BACK!  Come on, it’s been around since Jesus’s time  (and the ladies loved the J man) and has reared it’s furry face throughout history since then. And the moustache speaks volumes; it’s a character onto itself!  No one can deny the presence of a mo, it’s impossible to ignore; from the bushiest handlebar to the sprinkling of bum fluff on a pre-pubescent (reminiscent of the fuzz inside a hoover), each moustache graces the owner’s top lip with the subtlety of a meerkat face warmer.

And don’t we know it!

Dali went for the whole pencil-thin-sometimes-uses-curlers-but-sometimes-straightens-probably
gels-it moustache, whereas Charlie Chaplin was more classic; thick-felt-triangle.  The Beatles thought that strength lay in numbers when all four of them developed their all-you-need-is-love-and-a-groovy-moustache-like-an-imaginary-seargent-pepper mo’s.

But this November, real men in real life will don a moustache that stands for more than a face accessory; the moustache-clad men will act as walking billboards for men’s health.  If it makes you feel any better, a trusted source claims it’s only about eight days of looking foolish whilst the moustache is in the awkward in-between phase.  But once it’s there, it’s there to do your bidding!

So why not try sprucing it, moussing it, blow drying it, combing it, plaiting it, finger-waving it, dreading it….the mo’ is your oyster.

When my little sister has just learnt to talk (I think she was about three) she decided she wouldn’t love my Father anymore unless he grew a moustache.  This, she announced this to him one weekend.  I’m not quite sure who her moustachioed hero was (maybe the Chuckle Brothers?) but my old Pop went away for the week and returned five days later sporting a brand new mo’.

My normally noisy little sister took one lookat the white and ginger-flecked caterpillar resting on his upper lip and went very quiet.

He shaved it off that evening and my sister never mentioned it after that.

But don’t let that put you off!  There are millions of cool cats who wear their mo’ with pride and here are just a specially selected few!

Don’t they look great and oh-so happy??

So Mo Bros.  It’s time to make the most of all that extra testosterone God gave you and grow yourself a moustache this coming November.  You may believe it will hinder your chances of finding love this Winter, but straight from the horses mouth, the ladies love a man with a mo’.

It makes them look handsome.  Like a policeman.

And it will keep your upper lip warm.

AND you can save delicious morsels in the bristles for later.

Plus, however whispy or nail-brushy it may be, each and every mo’ is special and will help raise awareness for men’s health with every Mo Bro telling an average of 60 people about the cause.  So, people of the world unite!  Wear your moustache with pride and together, we can style our facial hair like our heroes and raise money for men’s health!

Thank you and goodnight!

For more Movember info and to register your own MoSpace see


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