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Public Sleeping Day Comes but Once a Year….

We all know the feeling.  The alarm goes off and we press snooze.  It goes off again.  We snooze.  We finally to crawl out of bed and half function as we get dressed, like a zombie on a first date.  And we’ve still got the journey to work!  How many times have you wanted to have a catnap on public transport; on the tube, on the bus, in the train toilet but worried that people may stop and stare, draw on your face or just steal your stuff?

Well, fear not oh city traveller, as on Feb 28th it’s Public Sleeping Day.  What does this mean, I hear you ask.  It means what it says; it’s a chance for all of us to catch a little bit more shut-eye.  In public.  And if everyone’s doing it, who’s going to be at you with their thieving fingers?  Exactamondo.

Only the Pope would get away without a good, old robbing.


The journey to work is tough at the best of time so chances are you may be looking around for somewhere to have your public kip.  Unless you get on early (which means getting up earlier, doh!), sleeping on public transport may be a bit tight.  And the 28th does fall on a Monday.

So come Public Sleeping Day, you have plenty of options.  Have a little snooze on the bus, park bench, public toilet, work desk, cinema floor or in the queue at WHS.  Or you could just say NO to this ludicrous and quite frankly dangerous almost-public-holiday and make sure you sort yourself out before you leave the house.  Set yourself up with matchsticks in the eyes or whatever the crazy kids are doing these days.  Failing that, you could pull a sicky and go back to work on Tuesday.

Happy holidays!


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With a stick of rock and deckchair in tow, I arrived from the sea-side three years ago. Being half mermaid, I’ve been dipping my tail into all things London. Including the Thames (not recommended). I like all things free, as the best things in life are, and will only leave a party or club at gunpoint. Come say hello! I’m the one dancing with the weirdo in stonewash denim, shouting “one more!” as the lights come up…

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