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Painting The Way To Men’s Health

Every Movember, men across the world stop shaving and let their top lip whiskers grow wild to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health.

But what happens if you can’t grow a moustache?

The buy-a-beard.  For the hirsutely challenged

The buy-a-beard. For the hirsutely challenged.

For illustrator, Ben Rix, 25, the jostling jibes from friends about his inability to grow a “sponsor worthy moustache” was enough to put down the ‘tache comb and pick up a paint brush.

The Movember Series is made up of watercolour portraits of iconic musicians, all of whom are well known for their moustaches.

You wanna be in my Movember gang?

You wanna be in my Movember gang?

Paintings of Freddy Mercury, Lional Ritchie and Carlos Santana all feature in the show at The Lauriston, Victoria Park Road and Rix said: “I think I may already have a buyer for Lionel!”

One of the most significant pieces in the exhibition is a portrait of Frank Zappa who died of prostate cancer in 1993.

Frank Zappa, the man with the mo

Frank Zappa. The man with the mo.

Ben is also open to ideas for those who want a bespoke watercolour mo-mento.

“I am also taking requests for Movember portraits so if people want to commemorate their tash or have a hairy lipped icon painted they can get in touch and cash from the sales will go towards the cause.”

Although Rix works in different mediums from large scale murals to animation, he chose a different style for this series.

Freddy Mercury.  He knew what he was doing

Freddy Mercury. He knew what he was doing

“I chose portraiture as I find it stirs great emotional reactions in people which is very heart warming and gives huge purpose to my art.”

Rix’s Movember Series was started last year, and despite a great response, a lack of exhibition space meant that there was no platform for sales.

But thanks to spotting an advert in his local pub, Ben got in touch with Mr Gresty, a designer and curator who comes up with creative briefs, inviting artists to get involved with the opportunity to hold their own exhibition.

Carlos Santana.  Mexi-mo

Carlos Santana. Mexi-mo.

Mr Gresty said: “When I first saw Ben’s portraits I was blown away, it was a double take moment, you can be fooled into thinking they are photographs.”

The exhibition also features eight portraits of Rix’s close friends but as the show ran into Movember, Mr Gresty asked if he could include his Movember paintings.

“It all made sense!” he said.

Lionel Richie.  Is is mo, you're looking for?

Lionel Richie. Is is mo, you’re looking for?

For Rix, painting his moustached icons turned out to be far easier than growing a moustache himself.

“The Movember paintings didn’t prove too difficult to execute, just a lot of meticulous layering and fine brush work, especially on the tash!”

The exhibition continues until 15 November
The Lauriston
162 Victoria Park Rd
To submit your own commissioned moustache icon painting see Ben Rix’s website
For more about Mr Gresty’s art projects see the website


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