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Come in, come in, we musn’t lurk in doorways….

With a stick of rock and deckchair in tow, I arrived from the sea-side three years ago. Being half mermaid, I’ve been dipping my tail into all things LAANDAAN, including the Thames (not recommended).  I like all things free, as the best things in life are, and will only leave a party or club at gunpoint.  Come say hello!  I’m the one dancing with the weirdo in stonewash denim, shouting “one more!” as the lights come up…

But enough about that.  Diagnosed with verbal diarrhea as a youngling, I thought better then to plug myself up (with a metaphorical immodium plus) and made the decision to get it all out.  Read all about it!

I like words.  Is that such a crime??  So please, feel free to peruse my wares and have a gander at my articles, stories and poem-type things….I have a friend who would say, without a doubt, they are NOT poems.  Sigh.






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